How does it work?

The Cardiac Solution Programme

There are no age or fitness limits to participation on a Cardiac Solution programme. Each session is one on one and designed entirely around you. Your programme might be based around exercises in your home, or exercising in a local park or gym. You might prefer sessions on weekday mornings, or you may only be able to do weekends. Whatever it is that suits your specific needs and lifestyle, we’ll create a programme that suits you perfectly.

How does it work?

  • Firstly, you have a consultation. This can be done at home or at work.
  • Your personalised programme is then created.
  • You then have twelve one-on-one exercise sessions and six educational sessions. We will provide all specialized monitoring and exercise equipment needed for your programme.

How will it help me?

Fitness. You will receive 12 one-on-one exercise sessions to help you strengthen and maintain a healthier heart. These will be designed for you after your initial consultation. You will learn about the importance of regular exercise, how much exercise is needed for a healthy heart and how to build this into your daily routine. You will learn how to monitor yourself during exercise and how to exercise safely.

All programmes are created and delivered by a highly qualified BACR cardiac exercise professional. This same professional stays with you throughout the whole programme.

Education. Learning about the physiology of heart disease and the impact of lifestyle choices, will help you to stay in control of your health. You will receive 6 one-on-one education sessions covering topics such as:

  • The physiology of heart disease
  • Contributing factors to heart disease (risk factors)
  • Cardiac investigations and procedures
  • Exercise physiology
  • How to exercise safely
  • Healthy eating
  • Practical issues (driving, returning to work, sexual activity, holidays and travel) Goal setting and motivation

Confidence. By becoming more active, gaining control over your wellbeing and improving the health of your heart, your confidence will be boosted considerably. Although a continuation programme is available through Vida Wellness, our hope is that you will gain the confidence and knowledge that on completion of the programme you can continue on your own.

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