Strong Foundations Testimonials

Testimonials“The instructor is phenomenal. She was very considerate and managed to push us all at the right level.”

“Pleasant people and surroundings. I also think you have planned it cleverly considering we are all grannies! I would certainly recommend the classes and indeed I have done so.”

“I feel glowing afterwards!”

“The classes are really doing me good and are fun as well! We do exercises to strengthen our muscles, which helps protect our joints and gives us greater stamina and flexibility. We also do balance exercises to prevent falls and broken bones. You get individual attention when you need it and have a good laugh.”

“This is a very enjoyable class with exercises designed specifically to help older people to remain healthy and active for as long as possible. We strengthen muscles that we use in everyday activities, with varied exercises… I like the sociable atmosphere. Thanks so much”

“Using muscles, stretching and balancing exercises which are really helpful at my age (66) .. A lovely way of maintaining flexibility and strength in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Thank you!”

“We work on muscles and exercises for balance – all very helpful. Very relaxed and friendly, one comes away feeling better, if a little tired!”

“My energy levels have increased and I love doing the classes.”

“I think it is a marvellous idea to have these classes which are obviously geared to a specific market so that nobody feels intimidated by being surrounded by younger, fitter exercisers!”

“I think that the camaraderie and general good humour that surrounds us all makes the whole experience extremely enjoyable; and it is doing us good!”

“We all need exercises like these! Sessions are invigorating but not too demanding. By the end of every hour I find I am moving more easily, have better balance and feel really good.”

“Relaxing exercises, that limber and warm you up …One feels very good after a session, wanting to come back.”

“Very nice atmosphere and exercises … helpful teacher.”

“I would say that we do challenging, but not strenuous, exercises that somehow strengthen muscle and bone in a stimulating and fun atmosphere which makes it seem like not hard work.”

“The fact that it doesn’t seem too much like hard work and that everybody is motivated to achieve their best, and that our instructor is brilliant at getting us to work hard. It’s only afterwards that you realise how hard you have been working.”

“Happy atmosphere – no pressure to compete”

“I find I am generally fitter, I am sure my joints have the benefit and I’m more flexible”

“Personally speaking, having had a hip replacement two years ago, and a knee replacement earlier this year, this class is proving to be exactly what I need.”

“There is an excellent, happy atmosphere, everyone trying their best.”

“I have noted better overall fitness enabling me to live my life to the full.”

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